Using an amphibious vehicle, we have been able to reach people that others can’t, due to the fact that this vehicle can drive on land and straight into water, and then function as a boat.

Feeding in Beaumont

Tonight we went to Costco to buy water and food bars to take to south Texas. We loaded over 3 tons of bottled water, and about 4700 food bars, to take to Beaumont. Tomorrow Randy and Dr Griswell are headed out at 4am! They will be meeting Tad and Michelle Long, who volunteered to bring another trailer full of food donated by Kerri on Random Acts of Kindness, and the Good Shepherd Episcopal School in Dallas. They are prepared to serve two hot meals a day to approximately 500 people per meal for the next 4 days!
From Tad and Michelle Long.We fed approx 1200 people today!! Just went to Sam’s in Beaumont and bought more fresh produce and other foods with your donation. Kerri was with us today in spirit. She lives on! Thank you again on behalf of Kerri On!
More from Beaumont.There was a woman who came to the church and told us that there was a Motel 6 down the road with no power no water and lots of destitute people with very little food and water. But we packed up food and water and drove to them and took chicken fajitas for everybody!
Coming Up
We have had quite a few friends ask if they can come to Houston and help! We will be bringing back a work crew soon to help clean up etc so the answer is yes!! Watch for announcement