We want Kerri’s sweet spirit of helping others to live on, which is why her Aunt and Uncle (Angie and Robin Houghton) and her mother and I (Leisha and Randy Pickering) have started this non-profit.

Why Kerri On?

If you are like me, you may want to do these Random Acts of Kindness but maybe you think your $5 or $10 won’t make a difference, maybe you don’t see or notice the people that need the help (Leisha sees people every day that she helps, I only notice them occasionally). We encourage you to do what you can, and if you would like to give to us, we promise to do it for all of us. We will use this money to help people with their needs, whatever they may be and however we can.

Picture with Santa
Christmas Party

Some things we have done

Helped pay the day to day bills for a teacher who was diagnosed with cancer and lost her job and health insurance.
Gave money to help a recently evicted couple, who were losing their home as one of them had an illness.
Bought pots and pans and a new toilet for a family that the main bread winner was dying of cancer.
Sent baby dolls to a girls orphanage overseas (Kerri would have loved that!)
Host an annual Christmas party for physically disabled and financially challenged families
Helped to provide back to school supplies for a family whose mother was in the hospital

How it works

These are RANDOM ACTS and not recurring. We are always looking to help those that need it, but are not trying to become their source of financial support.